Elect Daniel Groff for Moorpark City Council

"Please join me in a future that puts Moorpark and its citizens first — a future that is committed to the safety, education and recreation of our community, while supporting local businesses and still maintaining our small town feel."

I am committed to Moorpark — Our citizens, businesses, and future

My number one priority will be to make myself available to listen to the CITIZENS of Moorpark. If elected I commit to scheduling a monthly time where I will be at a local restaurant or coffee shop to answer questions listen to feedback, and address concerns from the community.

BUSINESSES need to be heard as well. I am committed to taking a proactive boots-on-the-ground approach to work with local businesses and their individual needs. In order to help them find solutions instead of restrictions, I will also reach out to vacant property owners to open a conversation about rezoning and repurposing existing commercial space.

Moorpark’s FUTURE requires responsible growth, with the proper infrastructure, and careful attention to the existing neighborhoods and our small town appeal.

Community Involvement

I have a proven history of dedication to the Moorpark community:
• 2020 Moorpark Chamber of Commerce Board Member
• 2019 Purchase building on Historic High Street
• 2019-Present VC Waterworks District 1 Citizens Advisory
• 2019-Present VC Taxpayers Association Board Member
• 2018-Present Co-Founder of Holiday on High Street
• 2016-Present MUSD Citizens Bond Oversight Committee
• 2015 Co-Founder of Moorpark Field of Valor
• 2014-15 President Rotary Club of Moorpark Morning
• 2012-13 VC Boy Scouts Ronald Reagan District Chair
• 2010-16 Moorpark Planning Commissioner
• 2009-10 Moorpark Parks & Recreation Commissioner
• 2002 Member of MUSD Vision 2010 Planning Committee
• Past Board Memebr of Simi Valley Boys and Girls Club
• Past Board Member of Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley
• Past President of Moorpark High School Aquatics Program
• Past Mesa Verde PTA Board Member

Key Issues

Vacancy Rate

With the unpredictable post-COVID future, we need to approach vacancy differently than just a real estate transaction of finding a business to fill the empty shell. I am committed to looking at each development with new eyes and exploring the possibility of rezoning or converting to mixed use.

Roads and Traffic

Widening LA Ave., adding a weigh station and widening Princeton have been campaign issues (and promises) for many years. Although I would love to promise that I will get this done, much of this relies on CalTrans. What I can promise is to diligently work with state resources and leaders who have more infulence that can push to get these projects completed. I have already made calls to state legislatures who indicated that years have passed without escalating the CalTrans delays to their attention.


High Street was once a destination gathering place and it is my priority to return it to those roots. I believe in renovating downtown so much that I recently purchased a building on High Street and moved my office there. We are currently undergoing much needed renovations to bring a restaurant space to the downstairs part of the building.


Ventura County has a housing need and the passing of SOAR (Save Open Space and Agricultural Resources) has forced developers to only explore undeveloped land within city limits. This means that it is inevitable that areas such as Hitch Ranch north of Poindexter and Pacific Communities at Leta Yancy Road will be developed. As your representative on council, I commit to working to ensure that the proper infrastructure is in place before those new developments come and that we are respectful of the existing neighborhoods privacy, traffic and quality of life.


  • Bob Huber
    Ventura County Supervisor
  • Dean Kunicki
    Past Board Member, Ventura County Board of Education
  • Jeff Donabedian
    Board Member, Moorpark Unified School District
  • Robert Perez
    Board Member, Moorpark Unified School District/Business Owner
  • Scott Dettorre
    Board Member, Moorpark Unified School District
  • Ron LaGuardia
    Past Board Member, Moorpark Unified School District
  • Pam Castro
    Past Board Member, Moorpark Unified School District
  • Chris Barrett
    Business Owner
  • April Heitkamp
    Lifetime Resident
  • Eddie Garcia
    Business Owner
  • Phil Adler
  • Marie Cambell
  • Barry Shapiro
    Business Owner
  • Ken and Shawna Basson
  • Shiper Chowdhury
    Business Owner
  • Ron Nelson
    Ventura County Commander and Moorpark Chief of Police, Retired
  • Dan Burchfield
  • Jason and Jackie Flame
    Business Owners
  • Tina Hare
    Realtor and 30+ Year Resident
  • Linda and Harvey Plaks
    Business Owner
  • Barry Goch
  • Yeny Serrano
  • Chrissy and Jay Ellison
    Business Owners
  • Dakota Paige
    Business Owner
  • Barbara Orechoff
    Business Owner
  • Jonathan Kritzer
    Business Owner
  • Mike and Tricia Shields
    Business Owners
  • Natalee and Bill MacKerron
  • Maria G Leos
    Business Owner
  • Nicholas and Marie Campbell
  • Sarah Sauer
  • Willi and Heather Norton
  • Cheryl Montoya
    Retired MUSD teacher
  • Ryan Huisenga
    Teacher and Head Football Coach, Moorpark High School
  • Lorelle and Michael Stevens
    Buesines Owners
  • Kota Paige
    Business Owner
  • Jim and Mish Petersen
  • Elizabeth Plowman
  • Danny Margolis
    Business Owner
  • Mark and Darci Richardson
    Business Owners
  • Tommy Primeau
  • Glen and Brandy Granat
    Business Owner
  • John and Jill Peck
  • Glenn and Wendy Dormer
    Business Owner
  • Steve Bayles
    Business Owner
  • Terri Beard
  • Dakota Holland
    Business Owner
  • Mike and Chris Smith
  • All occupations for identity purposes only.


"Beyond a doubt, Daniel Groff is the most qualified person to run for a city council position in years. As a teacher, I have had the pleasure of meeting Daniel and having him speak to my classes for a financial literacy course. Daniel did an amazing job explaining to my students over the years the importance of insurance and what it takes to run a successful business. In our personal discussions we have talked many times about his thoughts on what it takes for not only a business to be successful but more importantly a community. Daniel has many great ideas on how to bring businesses back to the city. In all he does, Daniel Groff exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. Daniel will bring an outside, successful business orientated approach to the city council to get our city thriving once again."

–Ryan Huisenga, Teacher & Head Football Coach, Moorpark High School

"We have lived in Moorpark for over 40 years, and we have seen this town develop into a great place to live, work, and raise our kids. Moorpark has a lot to offer for families, but many of the things we enjoy about Moorpark are the people. That is why we endorse Daniel Groff for City Council.  We have known Daniel for over 15 years.  He has established a successful business in our community, is active in Rotary, which donates to community projects, and has been President of the Morning Club. Daniel is involved with the Chamber of Commerce and youth sports, has been on the Moorpark City planning commission and has experience with many projects that have come before the council. Daniel has been involved in city government for the past eight years donating his time and attending council meetings. He has also started and maintained a business here in Moorpark, all while living and raising his family here for the last two decades. Daniel has new ideas to make Moorpark a better place to live and work. He has great energy and has no problem tackling a project from start to finish.  He will be a council member that listens to both sides before making any decision. We are voting for Daniel as you can see he is very well rounded and experienced with many activities and has given his time and energy because he cares about Moorpark. Please join us and vote for Daniel Groff, as we feel he is the best candidate for the job."

–Linda and Harvey Plaks, Residents and Business Owners

"I am writing to express my strong support and endorsement for Daniel Groff for Moorpark City Council. Daniel is a local businessman and cares about Moorpark and its citizens. I appreciate his willingness to serve. I met Daniel 17 years ago when my husband and I were looking for a home to purchase. We searched all over Simi and were unable to find a home. Daniel recommended Moorpark. He said it's a great place to live and raise a family. We have lived here 17 years and counting and couldn't be more happier. Daniel is always active in the community and more than qualified to be a great addition to Moorpark's City Council."

–Elizabeth Plowman, Moorpark Resident

"Daniel has been very involved in our community to make positive impacts for our residents and businesses for years. I know he will do a great job in bringing positive change that we can all be proud of."

–Jeff Donabedian, Firefighter and MUSD Board Member

"I’m so excited for the future and all you have to offer our community! Your business acumen is unparalleled and would be great for our local economy!"

–Dakota Paige, Moorpark Resident and Business Owner

"As a Rotarian who has worked alongside Daniel Groff for many community events, I can attest to his enthusiasm and compassion that he has for our Moorpark Community. Being a long-time downtown resident, I am among the many who are very concerned about the types of developments being considered and their impact upon our surrounding neighborhoods and especially how it impacts our longtime neighborhood businesses. I am endorsing Daniel Groff for Moorpark City Council not because I believe we will always be in 100% agreement, it is more important to me that he would be open-minded, a good listener, and treat any person who may have opposing viewpoints with the respect, dignity and consideration that all residents of Moorpark deserve. Please join me in supporting Daniel Groff for Moorpark City Council."

–Pamela Castro, Past MUSD Board Member

"Moorpark is a great place to live! It is because of people that are involved and invested in our community the way that Daniel Groff is. He is a family man that truly cares about our community, who has tirelessly given his time and resources to show his support for our great city for over 20 years. Daniel will be a great asset to our City Council!"

–Jason & Jackie Flame, Moorpark Business Owners

"I have known Daniel Groff for the better part of 15 years. During that time I’ve found him to be an astute business person and an active public servant. While running his own successful business here in Moorpark, I’ve worked with Daniel on several community initiatives. He’s been very active with the School District, helping out with the Measure A Bond campaign and serving on the Vision 2010 citizens committee. In addition, he is a regular reader at Arroyo West Active Learning Academy through his Rotary Club. I endorse Daniel for Moorpark City Council."

–Ron LaGuardia, Former President, Moorpark Unified School District Board of Education

Thank you for your campaign donations:

Donate by mail to: 233 E. High Street #200, Moorpark, California 93021

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